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a premiere manufacturer of iron home furnishings and accessories hand-crafted in the spirit of the Rocky Mountains. From rugged and elegant to whimsical and light-hearted, we're sure you'll find the perfect piece for you. Plus, with our many designs and profile options, we can create a piece that's uniquely yours. Click on this symbol throughout the web site to see your custom options! Enjoy your tour through Colorado Dallas! To view individual pieces, click on the photo to enlarge it. All pieces are available in either Black or Frontier Rust finish. Contact Us to place your order!

Colorado Dallas Brings the Great Outdoors to Homes Nationwide

Jefferson, CO. This is one of those success stories everyone loves to read. It starts with a small, old vacation cabin in the Rocky Mountains and a big dream of transforming it into a full-time residence. Suddenly, and almost by happenstance, Colorado Dallas was born.

Artisans and creators of exquisite Metal Art home accessories, Jim and Bonnie Dallas have literally carved out a big niche for Colorado Dallas in the home furnishings arena simply by rebuilding a beautiful, rustic mountain getaway.

The story begins in 1994 with a rough sketch of a metal lamp that Bonnie envisioned for the cabin. The cabin remodel nearly complete, Jim set out to build Bonnie her lamp. Having run precision metal shops in the past, Jim crafted not one, but two lamps, one of which Bonnie took to a small dealer in Breckenridge Colorado on a whim. Knowing quality and unique craftsmanship when he saw it, the shop owner asked when he could receive ten more. Little did anyone know at the time what that request would start.

¡°The lamps were terrible,¡± according to Jim, but the wheels of Colorado Dallas were already in motion. In 1994, they were a ¡°one style, one lamp¡± company. Until someone asked for a towel ring. ¡°We built that towel ring by hand, rolling the ring in the middle of a blizzard in an old barn near the cabin,¡± Jim laughs.

Today, Colorado Dallas boasts a product line of more than 66 products including accent tables, kitchen and bath accessories, headboards, coat racks, chandeliers and of course, a wide selection of lamps and lighting fixtures.

Perfecting the manufacturing process, each piece is still made with the loving care that built that towel ring years ago. With state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment and a virtually indestructible powder-coat finish, today¡¯s Colorado Dallas pieces are not only functional and durable home accents; they are individual works of art.

The concept is certainly catching on. Up until recently, all of the Colorado Dallas products were manufactured on the same cabin property Jim and Bonnie now call home. However, the business has grown so dramatically, they¡¯ve outgrown the familiar barn where it all began. To meet the overwhelming demand for these one-of-a-kind home accessories, Colorado Dallas has expanded into a four-acre complex in the shadows of the Colorado Mountains. The new complex allows for not only increased manufacturing capabilities, but additional artisans and crafters as well.

What makes Colorado Dallas so special? Above and beyond the exceptional quality¨C only one single piece has been returned in more than seven years of business¨C it¡¯s the incredible attention to detail and customer service that have made one-time customers long-time friends. Want something special? Just ask. Each piece is customizable with any one of 26 different profile selections and two color finishes. Have an idea of your own? No problem. They¡¯ll research, design and create it for you. All in about three weeks.

¡°We pride ourselves on the fact that many of these pieces will go into our home, too. That way, we know that quality and reliability is of utmost importance. We feel personally invited into our customers¡¯ homes when they purchase a Colorado Dallas piece. So, we make sure that our products are gracious and lifelong guests.¡±

And great guests they are. With unique, interesting and intricately detailed profiles, every Colorado Dallas piece is a statement in rustic elegance, a tribute to the Colorado mountains in which they are crafted¡­ bringing a touch of the Rockies into homes around the country.

To find a Colorado Dallas dealer near you, visit their website at www.coloradodallas.com